Beauty & Our Beasts is a cruelty-free beauty blog featuring adoptable animals. It's a conversation starter that merges two worlds we are very passionate about, beauty and animals. It serves to change animal's lives by helping them find forever homes, bringing attention to some of the amazing animal rescues in Southern California, and fighting animal cruelty by supporting brands who believe no animal should suffer in order for us to feel beautiful. Let's give a voice to these animals while celebrating the creativity of makeup.

Shop Cruelty Free. 

All products used on Beauty & Our Beasts are cruelty free. You can shop with a clear conscience! 


The animals showcased here are all up for adoption. Please contact the appropriate shelter/rescue in the post if you are serious about giving one of these amazing animals a forever home. 

Be Inspired.

Let these makeup looks inspire you to try new things and have fun with makeup. Please share your recreations of these looks by tagging us on social media @beautyandourbeasts 


Courtney Hagen

Hello! I’m Courtney and I’m the makeup artist and author behind Beauty & Our Beasts. Makeup and animals have always been the two big passions in my life and this blog is a dream come true way for me to merge those two worlds. I’ve always loved makeup and the power it has to transform someone both physically and emotionally. I absolutely love doing clean makeup with gorgeous, glowing skin and pops of color. This has become my signature as an artist and I’m so excited to share my creativity with you and bring these colorful looks to life.

Animals have always been a huge part of my life and I’ve shared my home with them since birth. I grew up fostering kittens and there was never a time when I didn’t have a cat in my bed. The first animals I adopted as an adult were two kitties who were the last brother and sister of a litter who I appropriately named, Brother and Sister. I also adopted my little lady, Boeheim, a beautiful pharaoh hound, shepherd mix puppy. Everything changed when they came into my life. Saving their lives and giving them forever homes has brought me the greatest joy. They showed me how sensitive and emotional dogs and cats truly are and it completely altered my view of all animals and the emotions that they experience, just like us. That led to an entire lifestyle change for me-  I went vegan and became a big advocate for shopping cruelty free and made it a priority to only carry such products in my professional kit. I no longer wanted to contribute to the suffering of any animal. This blog is my passion project to bring awareness to the importance of adopting and shopping cruelty free. I hope to make a difference in these animals’ lives and have some fun doing it!